Oriented towards theological teaching and research


  1. Bachelor’s Degree (diploma) in Theology or Religion. If the undergraduate degree is not in Theology or Religion, the candidate must have a Major or at least a Minor or Associate in Theology or Religion.
  2. At least one year of experience in pastoral ministry, religious teaching, or chaplaincy.
  3. Transcripts of Bachelor degree with a minimum 80% equivalent G.P.A. (sent directly from the university granting them to IATS).
  4. Three letters of recommendation:
    • One of sponsorship or of endorsement by the local field (or institution) of the applicant’s origin
    • One by a pastor
    • One by a local church elder where the applicant ministers or attends
  5. Proof of having approved the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum of 400 points.
  6. Love for the church and willingness to support it in the fulfillment of its mission evidenced in a Personal, written Statement, on the purpose of the aspirant in undertaking graduate studies.
  7. Having fulfilled the above requirements, provide the additional documentation and payments required by the Finance and Admission Offices, respectively, at the IATS Site where the applicant wishes to enroll.
  8. If you are a professional with a university degree that is not in Theology or Religion, you can access the program by taking the intensive classes of prerequisites mentioned below under the guidance of the local IATS Coordinator.



Denominational History

2 – 3



Prophetic Orientation


OT Prophets, I or II


Acts and Epistles, I or II


Biblical Languages*


Systematic Theology




*Basic Greek and Basic Biblical Hebrew. Students entering this program will need to take a test on their Biblical language skills. 

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